I want to move Africans within Africa —Wanle Akinboboye

The promoter of Destination Akosombo, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye has said that “the whole essence of Destination Akosombo is to ensure the commercial and leisure integration of Nigeria and Ghana in a symbiotic sustainable cultural tourism relationship that rev the point of unity and brotherhood of the two nations.”

Otunba Akinboboye, who made this revelation during an exclusive interaction with Tribune Tourism Magazine (TTM), said: “I realised that there seems to be the preponderance of the push factors between Nigerians and Ghanaians. Though we might be thinking that  there is an increase in the commercial activities between the two countries more than before. But a cursory review of what obtained  in the past clearly showed an imbalance or deficit in the entertainment and tourism sub sector of the relationship.”

He pointed out “In the years past, there was an effusion  of cultural entertainment and tourism between Ghana and Nigeria. When you cannot point out the countries of origin of the Highlife music crooners of those days, when six out of 10 men on the streets of Accra will confidently  tell you about Yankari , Lagos Bar Beach, Kano dye Centre, Ikogosi which they have visited  while those on Nigerian streets will tell you about Akosombo Dam , Kakaum National Park and Elmina Castle  and so on  not only about the Ankara or gold purchased in Ghana–this is what Destination Akosombo is all about. We are creating and providing a seamless platform for socio- cultural tourism entertainment for the citizens of the two countries.”

Otunba Akinboboye revealed that “Destination Akosombo is the first leg of a tripartite tourism revolution created and designed by Atunda Entertainment in ensuring the successful, massive movement of Africans within Africa for intercultural perception and understanding, regional tourism integration and appreciation, economic networking and cooperation all for the maximum optimisation of the hanging fruits of travel and tourism within Africa “