I have no role models —Oluwasam

Adekunle Samuel Oluwasegun, popularly known Oluwasam, is an up-and-coming gospel artiste, who recently dropped a single entitled Akiri’sore. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, the Music graduate from The Polytechnic lbadan, lbadan, who is the brain behind Refined Music Academy (RMA), speaks on his desire to take gospel music to a new level. Excerpts:


Why did you decide to study music?

Music has been on my mind since I was a little boy. There is this picture of me as a two -year- old boy in my choir uniform that was taken at the choir stand that I always see at home. My dad also told me the story of how as an eight-month-old baby I used to play the church bell whenever they were singing and it would rhyme with the song. So, I would say I started gravitating towards music from that time till now.


When did you start singing professionally?

It started 12 years ago when I joined a group called “Bridgez.” We were four in the group; myself, Oyinkan’ade of Project Fame, FILZ and KC. We had the opportunity of working with Sammy Okposo, Sheyman, Paul Play, late Nomoreloss, K Solo and others. We used to travel to different states to minister. But everybody had to pursue a new vision and that was why I decided to go solo as an artiste three years ago.


What other things do you do aside singing?

Apart from being a performer music minister, I also love to teach music. I am running a music school called Refined Music Academy (RMA). The school is designed to help people move from zero level to pro level, especially when it comes to instrumentals. All we require is passion. At the school, we intend to teach people on how to do music right.


What were the challenges you faced as a solo artiste?

As a group, we used to make collective decision, contribute cash, wrote and arranged songs together. But now, it is just me and the Holy Spirit all the way. To be sincere, God has been faithful to me. I am into music full time.


Why have you not dropped any album?

My album will be out next year. However, I have dropped a single audio and video entitled Akiri’sore. Akiri’sore is being played on air now and it is also being downloaded. My next singles will be out in November this year.


The music industry is highly competitive, how do you intend to distinguish yourself?

It is true that the music industry is competitive but I know that my uniqueness will stand me out as well as the power that is at work in me through the Holy Spirit. Apart from that, with creativity and hard work, I will surely make my mark in the industry.


Where do you see yourselt in five years time?

I see myself as a world class singer in music industry.


Who are your role models in the music industry?

I must acknowledge my first role model, Jesus Christ. I aim to look up to him in every aspect. Apart from Him, I do not want to mention names because I am working hard to set a pace that no one has ever set before. I am given a totally different assignment and Holy Spirit is my teacher. I respect everyone that has gone before me. But I have no role model for now.


Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

I get my inspiration from God through Holy Spirit.


Which gospel artistes would you like to work with and why?

In Nigeria; Mike Abdul, Kore, Eben, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edward and Tim Godfrey. On the international scene, I will like to work with Tye Tribet, James Fortune, J Moss and Israel Houghton. I respect the grace of God in their lives. They minister with so much anointing and they are musically sound.


If not music, which other profession would you have chosen?

If not music, I might be a businessman but I believe music is my calling. Seriously, God made me for this so, music is what I will do over and over again.


What advice do you have for such people?

It is a wrong mentality to go into music with money making as your primary purpose. Money and fame should be secondary purpose. Your love for music should come first. That is what gives you passion to learn more. Your philosophy about things or situation must trigger your drive to make good music. You don’t make music without intended purpose. For Gospel singers, Holy Spirit will trigger the drive to make music. After all this, money and fame will come. So I will advice my fellow singers to make their music real. As musicians, we have a voice in this nation, and we hold a greatest weapon that is the key to our audience’s minds. Let’s feed them with good stuff. Out of the abundance of one’s heart, the mouth speaks. Money and fame we come for sure.