Epidemic looms in Sango over decomposing corpse

There is  looming epidemic at Plaza Junction on Sango-Ijoko Road in Sango, Ogun State due to a decomposing body that had been left unattended  to for almost a week now.

The stench from the decomposing body has raised concerns among residents of the area.

When Community News visited the area on Monday, the body had been demarcated by tyres to alert  motorists of its presence.

Community News also observed that the body is without any form of clothing, raising the suspicion that  it is the remains of an armed robber lynched by an angry mob.

According to a resident, Abdulahi Baraka, “we are finding it difficult to take a nap outside our homes in the evenings due to the stench coming from the decomposing body.

“The body has been there for the past two weeks and no local government official had paid attention to it. It is now decomposing and residents are at risk of  epidemic.

“People have said it is the body of an armed robber, while others say it is the corpse of someone knocked down by a speeding vehicle. Whatever the case, we are using this medium to beg the local government authorities to come and remove it as its stench is killing us slowly.”