Council resolves land dispute in Amukpe community

A protracted land dispute among the people of Amukpe community in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State has been resolved by  members of a panel and the Duke in Council, Amukpe District.

The 40 plots of land in dispute is located in Ibada Amukpe community.

Mr Paul Umukoro on behalf of Ibada Amukpe community had dragged Daniel Kokogho (on behalf of the children of late Chief Kokogho) and the president and executive members of Ovwore Amukpe community before the Duke in Council of Amukpe district over the land.

Before the close of the case, panel  members and representatives of the disputing parties visited the land.

The panel in its findings, submitted that the area covered  by  the survey plan of the defendants showed that it was an old camp once inhabitated by people.

Economic trees such as coconut and rubber trees among others were also found, including broken bottles, broken plates, used pots and a shrine.

Both parties had laid claim to all sections of the land as their ancestral property, except the shrine.

The parties also concluded that the shrine was where one Okotie, a herbal medicine practitioner lived with Kokogho.

The panel afterward carefully considered the evidence of both parties vis-a-vis what were discovered at the site and concluded that some people once lived there, and, therefore,  it was improper for Ovwore Amukpe community to approve such a land for an individual/family, saying the approval is against the constitution of  Amukpe district.

The  panel also resolved that the Deed of Grant emanating from the transaction was null and void and of no effect, noting also that the land caretakers were not involved in the granting of the deed.

Members of the panel, who amicably resolved the  issue, included Chief P.E. Asagba (Duke), chairman; Chief M. Asagba, member; Chief John Erhitobor, member; Chief E.M Odebala, member; Mr Godday Okpako, member; Mr Peter Smart, Amukpe district president-general and Samuel Ifude,  member.

Meanwhile, a prominent member of the community, Ambassador Igho Erute, the secretary of Ibada-Amukpe, has warned investors to stay away from Ibada family’s land known as Okuokoko which, he said, is the ancestral home of the people of Ibadan.