Buratai and our democracy guardians

General Tukur Buratai is not your ordinary camel-riding Kanuri man. He is the no-nonsense, snake-charming Chief of Army Staff. He is not just about soldiering and rearing snakes in Abuja. He, last week, reminded us […]

Paris Club billions, hotels and daemons

Only daemons take from the poor. Any leader who steals food meant for the hungry is a daemon. Every nation has its daemonic affliction. Nigeria’s own cancer is its tribe of rapacious creations without inhibitions. […]

Oba Akiolu: Snubbing the wrong person

In 1920, an Indian king holidaying in London was taking a stroll along the street of a business district. Dressed in the simple tunic of the ordinary worker, he walked alone, nondescript. Then the contents […]

Abuja Kings for Breakfast

IF it is true that cemeteries now compete with our Central Bank as dollar vaults, then I give it to the depositors that they are smart. That is one place where the next-door neighbour won’t […]

Nigeria’s meningitis is the North

THE enemy is always from outside. Murderous Boko Haram was caused by enemies of the north resident somewhere in the creeks. Fulani herdsmen are foreigners from Sahara desert. Epidemics are from God, angry at the […]

Melaye and the mafia dons

The two are very obviously street boys. One was asked to suggest solutions to the problems of the country. His answer was that “all our leaders should be given mass burial.” Another sat on a […]

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