I see hope…

January 1, 2017

In 2016 Nigeria, everyone tried to be crowd-correct. Everybody told sorry stories of a scary year. The national prayer was “may we never see its kind again.” But that wasn’t my testimony. I won’t call […]

SLS (2)

December 25, 2016

N OW, another top-notch Northerner and of revered royalty is saying something again to the rest of the nation. The “inside” within CBN is feeding Kano with bleeding tales of overdraft and under-credit, over-debit and […]

Is this true Oyo NUT?

December 18, 2016

I always have a dog in the constant tiff between Oyo State government and teachers in the state’s public schools. Ordinarily, subjective emotions are usually in support of the underdog, everywhere and a gross mis-match […]


December 11, 2016

WHEN you see someone who pokes fingers in others’ eyes with reckless abandon, it is either he doesn’t care about being poked, has no eyes to be poked or feels covered enough not to be […]

Why not data tax?

December 4, 2016

THE current leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari is gradually establishing a pattern in the implementation of its controversial policies, particularly those leaving more holes in the pocket of Nigerians. If the recent precedents are taken […]

Dakuku and NIMASA narrative

November 27, 2016

If major players in Rivers’ politics have an ounce of objectivity, negative profiling should not be seen by any of them as subjectivity, regardless of political leanings and camps. Aren’t they anyways, especially the two […]

Viva Onnoghen (2)

November 13, 2016

THE first in this series was on September 18. I deliberately delayed this follow-up to meet this moment that was almost not be-the eventual enthronement of Justice Walter NkanuOnnoghen as the new Chief Justice of […]

CJN: Racing against time

November 6, 2016

AS you read this, outgoing Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mahmud Mohammed will have just 120 days to his 70th birthday and to wave bye, his job as Nigeria’s Fifth Citizen. The crisis on […]

Frankly, Timi Frank

October 30, 2016

FOR reasons best known to the troubled ruling APC, it decided to cure the Timi Frank gaping sore when already gangrenous. Prescription for that belated cure points at a major surgery but those pushing to […]

What’s Buhari gonna do about Amaechi?

October 23, 2016

Candidate Muhammadu Buhari was widely celebrated as ramrod on values. President Muhammadu Buhari, by Aisha’s “other room” testimony, has become rubbery, being swung and flung at will by unsteady hands, billowing in ill-air. Despite this […]

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