We Yoruba must, and can, change this now

SOMETIME ago, I asked the question, “What are we Yoruba nation in Nigeria doing wrong?” To date, I have given three answers to that question – that we have been carelessly lettingour great culture gradually […]

Yoruba nation, know yourself

This is your political heritage BORN and raised in the course of the past six decades, in the era of ever-growing corruption and confusion in Nigeria’s political life, most of our younger Yoruba people are […]

Yoruba nation: Know yourself (II)

THE Yorùbá people, at over 50 million in population, are  the largest single indigenous Black African people in Africa and in the world.  Only two other Black African peoples – the Hausa and the Igbo […]

Yoruba nation: Know yourself

From conversations with Yoruba youths these days, it quickly becomes plain that most of them know disturbingly little, or even nothing, about their Yoruba nation. Because their Yoruba nation is part of a country called […]

Yoruba nation: Heed this trumpet call

Today, danger threatens the Yoruba nation from various directions – from Boko Haram, from murderous Fulani herdsmen reinforced with foreign Libyan killers, and from Ijaw criminal gangs along our coasts. As we can all see, […]

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