Boosting Oyo’s tourism potentials with Aso Ofi

I am using this medium to commend the Oyo State government for showcasing the uniqueness and the commercial prospects of aso ofi, also known as aso oke. I inherited the business from my father, and for over 15 years that I have been doing it, I do not know that it is widely accepted and liked. For many years, I used to send the materials produced to Ibadan for sale, and occasionally, get patronage from people who have social engagements.

When officials of the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism announced that they would be celebrating aso ofi day to commemorate the 2016 World Tourism Day, I considered it as jamboree cum misplaced priority. Though, I knew they were trying to showcase what I do for a living, but I did not look beyond the obvious.

Since the celebration of aso ofi, I could not believe the transformation that has happened to my business, as I get enquiries and orders from different quarters regularly. Even, old childhood friends, mostly based abroad, have been ordering for the textile, as well as enquiring how they can be of help to make the business grow. I owe the government my appreciation for espousing the uniqueness and the commercial prospect and the usefulness of aso ofi.

  • Sheriff Abidemi,

Council Road,