Abali makes case for Accident Intervention Fund for AIB

The Commissioner of Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB), Dr Felix Abali, has called for the creation of Accident Intervention Fund for the bureau.

Speaking at the headquarters of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in Lagos during the recent visit of the Senate Committee on Aviation to the aviation industry, Dr Abali stated that the fund was very essential to the industry.

He cited the example of Malaysia Airlines which he said was able to survive despite two successive crashes because the country has an Accident Intervention Fund.

According to Abali, if it were to be in Nigeria where such fund was not available, the airline would have collapsed.

He who said the Commission needs more money from the Ticket Sales Charge (TSC) to carry out some of its projects, maintained that the three per cent given to the bureau from TSC was not enough to carry out its financial responsibilities effectively.

The AIB boss hinted that the bureau was building regional offices in Enugu and Kano for effective operations.