Western Digital introduces storage solutions for MSMEs

A Data-infrastructure company, Western Digital Corporation has introduced an array of purpose-built storage solutions for small businesses and home offices leveraging Network-attached storage (NAS) environments.

The Senior Director, Client Computing Segment Marketing, Western Digital, Ziv Paz made this known at a briefing recently held in Lagos.

Ziv said that the solutions include the first-ever WD Red® SSDs, which enhance performance and caching abilities in a hybrid NAS environment, as well as a 14TB capacity for the WD Red and WD Red Pro HDDs.

He added that with the increase in virtualization, 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and higher connectivity speeds are becoming an essential feature set in modern NAS systems. To help minimize performance bottleneck, SSD speeds are crucial.

The Director explained that storage device durability, speed and capacity remain heavily in demand to fully support the requirements of these environments,

Paz further explained that the solutions are built to transform pain points to profits for the end-user building on the proven reliability of Western Digital’s WD Red product portfolio.

He noted that When utilized as a caching solution in a NAS system, the WD Red SA500 SSD helps to boost performance while the new higher capacity WD Red and WD Red Pro HDDs offer more storage space in the same NAS device.

“A boost in performance for NAS systems can translate to more content in less time, so creators or small businesses can work more efficiently to increase output and, as a result, potential income.

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“Our higher capacities coupled with optimized endurance in the WD Red portfolio are making room for larger files and reducing storage bandwidth-induced stress.

“For creators working on large projects over time, the latest WD Red SSD solution enables a hybrid NAS environment where the SSD can serve as a caching mechanism for both large and frequently accessed files,” Ziv said.

Speaking also, General Manager, QNAP, Meiji Chang stated that working with Western Digital has proved increasingly beneficial in delivering premium storage for our NAS systems.

“With the addition of today’s WD Red SA500 SSD as storage or caching solution, our customers can now take full advantage of dedicated SSD slots in our systems and benefit from faster network transfer speeds and optimal endurance.”

“Whether it’s editing video projects, backing up photos or developing software, the right storage platform not only protects your data but lets you access it faster,”

“By pairing Synology with Western Digital, you can optimize your NAS experience and get the best of the cloud while maintaining complete ownership of your data” Chang noted.

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