Western Digital addresses storage need for video, AI analytics

Western Digital Corporation has addressed the need to optimize storage for video and AI analytics at the network edge.

The Senior Director, Smart Video, Devices Group, Western Digital, Stefaan Vervaet made this known at a briefing recently held in Lagos.

The Director said that the increased use of smart cameras and ever-rising video resolutions are driving the requirement for on-camera storage.

He explained that Western Digital introduced the WD Purple SC QD101 Ultra Endurance microSD card designed specifically for equipment makers, resellers and installers in the mainstream security camera market.

Stefaan added that the company announced a compelling new addition to the hard disk drive portfolio, WD Purple 14TB HDD for surveillance, which is compatible with a wide range of security systems.

“global professional video surveillance camera shipments are expected to grow from 140 million to 224 million between 2018 and 2023, and those with onboard storage are expected to grow by an average of approximately 17 per cent per year.

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“4K-compliant cameras are expected to grow from 3.6 per cent of all network cameras shipped in 2018 to over 24 per cent by 2023, and the up to 5.7X increase in bits generated by 4K vs.1080p video illustrates a fast-growing demand for more storage.

“Customers are looking for high-endurance, high-capacity, robust, on-camera storage for a variety of public safety and AI analytics use cases.

“These new products deliver optimized storage technology to handle these exciting new and varied visual workloads at the edge” Stefaan said.

Western Digital’s WD Purple portfolio of storage devices are designed with specifically-chosen attributes to deliver reliable performance in mainstream security video systems that operate 24/7.

These purpose-built solutions offer high quality and long-lasting storage for workloads that consumer microSD cards and desktop-grade hard drives are not specifically designed for.

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