Western Digital unveils new 5G equipped device

Western Digital iNAND has launched an exceptional feature to enhance the user experience, with the unveiling of an embedded Universal Flash Storage (UFS) device, and a 5G equipped smartphone.

As an early supporter of JEDEC’s implementation of WriteBooster under the UFS 3.1 standard, Western Digital is among the first in the industry to deliver commercial storage solutions optimised for UFS 3.1 5G applications and capabilities.

The newly unveiled iNAND MC EU521 has an embedded flash device allowing mobile developers to take full advantage of UFS 3.1 high-interface bandwidth (Gear 4 / 2 Lanes) as well as SLC (single-level cell) NAND caching.

It also offers turbo sequential write speeds up to 800MB/s to better enable enhanced user experiences for applications such as downloading 4K and 8K media, large file transfers from the cloud, and gaming.

The iNAND EU521 will be available in March in 128GB and 256GB capacities. Huibert Verhoeven, the company vice president, and general manager said: “Smartphone now demands more performance and capacity as they often serve as the primary computing device for everything from streaming video, playing music, gaming, and photography, to payments and mapping.”

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“The SLC caching in the iNAND EU521 with WriteBooster offers users several key performance improvements, such as the ability to download a 4K movie in 3.6 seconds. This and other capabilities make the EU521 a great option for today’s mobile equipment manufacturers,” he added.

Additionally, Craig Stice, Senior Director, memory and storage at Omdia, a global technology research leader, explained the “Western Digital’s implementation of the new JEDEC storage standard, UFS 3.1, provides 5G applications with added write capability and improved caching will help smartphones deliver higher speed downloads, accelerate large file ‘saves’ and support other data-intense applications.”

Craig added, “Western Digital’s effort to meet the standard quickly is intended to give mobile device equipment manufacturers a market-ready solution to choose from.”

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