UNILAG Medical College inducts 65 laboratory scientists

The Provost, College of Medicine, University Of Lagos, CMUL, Prof Afolabi Lesi, has urged the 65 newly inducted medical laboratory scientists to always strive for excellence.

Lesi made the plea at the induction of 2019 qualified medical laboratory scientists in Lagos.

He said, “to excellence, you first must develop the mindset that achieving excellence is a journey, not a destination, you must set goals in order to achieve excellence.”

Lesi said that some nuggets of wisdom for achieving excellence were that they have to be passionate.

According to him, improve yourself, the goal of your training is not to fill you up with knowledge and send you into the world.

“The goal of your training at the college is to make you life-long learner with the motivation to constantly improve yourselves.

“Work smart and wise: you must learn to work smartly, wisely and hard in order to achieve excellence.

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“There is a difference between working hard and smart work. Working hard is all about perspiration without any planning and preparation.

“In contrast, working smart is about thorough preparation with a proper blueprint to proceed, along with perspiration.

“Hard work consumes a lot of time, money and resources, while smart work conserves time, money and resource.

“In managing constraint, there will be several constraints and obstacles in the path to achieving excellence,’’ the provost said.

Lesi said that some were internally created by human errors and many externally created by forces beyond human control.

“The constraints that make Nigeria not a good place are entirely man-made, and we can change the stereotype.

“The ability to prayerfully reflect and think creatively can overcome most, if not all constraints in the path of excellence,” he said.

The provost, therefore, implored the inductees to maintain integrity and truthfulness in the discharge of their duties as professional medical laboratory scientists.

Earlier, the College Secretary, Mr Obafemi-Moses, said that today, all over the world, schools were closing down, businesses were not running and people were cautious of interacting among themselves for fear of contracting the virus.

Obafemi-Moses, therefore, charged the inductees as thoroughbred species of medical laboratory scientists of the foremost university that they were the answer the world was waiting for.

He said that their roles in healthcare vis-a-vis diagnosis, the accuracy of test results, record of test data, laboratory finding among others, were very much needed.

Obafemi-Moses advised the inductees to be diligent in all what they do as they go into the world of medical laboratory practice.



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