Understanding when God says ‘Yes’

A review of Olatunde Foye’s book, When God Says Yes!

IN Christendom, it is believed that when God says yes, nobody can say no! This means that no matter what one is passing through, when God intervenes, then a solution will be found and nothing can change it.

Olatunde Foye, in his book, When God Says Yes, delves deeper into this area, so that Christians and all those who believe in God can tap into this divine wisdom and power.

The six-chapter book starts with, ‘God Says Yes to Our Prayers When We say Yes to His Will. Here, the author says that God is always ready to answer our prayers, but we must also submit to His will.

The author says that God hears all our requests and gives us whatever we have requested, but there is a caveat, we must ask according to His will.

“The guarantee of God’s audience of a positive response is only for those requests made according to His will.”

This chapter reveals that we don’t come to God on our agenda, but on His own agenda. Therefore, for us to get something from God, we must act and submit to His will.

The second chapter, “When God Says Yes,” admonishes Christians to always seek God’s permission before embarking on any project.

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The author says that once God has given one the go-ahead, then nobody can change it. This chapter then gives instances when God can say ‘Yes’ to someone.

However, it is not every of our requests that God will say ‘Yes’ to, and chapter four reveals how one can know if God has said ‘No’ to a prayer request. The fifth chapter finally discusses “When Jesus Says Yes.”

This book is a must-read for all Christians and those who believe in God, as it will help them understand how to tap into God’s power to have their prayers answered.



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