Prostate cancer curable ―Expert

Consultant Oncology in Apollo Hospitals, India, Dr Anil Kamath, has said that prostate cancer is curable in a good number of cases, adding that those not curable can be controlled for longer periods.

He said that patients with early prostate cancer and are treated with surgery or radiation, have a good chance of preserving their fertility.

Dr Kamath, who noted that prostate cancer is one of the commonest in Nigerian males, added that the treatment and prognosis depend on the stage of the disease, general condition of the patient, comorbidities, aggressiveness of cancer and the patient’s wish.

He identified treatment options for early prostate cancer as ‘wait and watch’, ‘radical prostatectomy’ and ‘radiation therapy’, stressing that prostate cancer can be effectively treated even in advanced stage through hormone therapy.

Dr Kamath maintained that the development and spread of prostate cancer is highly dependent on the male hormone androgens, saying that if the androgens are blocked automatically the growth of the tumour reduces.

He said the main source of androgens in males is the testes, adding that removing both testicles would effectively control prostate cancer.

The consultant oncology stated further that the androgens could also be controlled by injections to suppress the testes from producing androgens.


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