PDP tackles Buhari for retaining service chiefs despite unabated security challenges

The National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), South-South, Emmanuel Ogidi, has expressed disgust over the failure of All Progressives Congress (APC) administration towards tackling the prevailing security challenges facing the country over the past five years.

Speaking during a media chat, in Abuja, Ogidi specifically frowned at the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to retain the current Service Chiefs who are due for retirement despite increasing cases of killings, kidnapping, insurgency, herdsmen attacks.

While stressing that President Muhammadu Buhari’s efforts were yielding little or no result, the PDP Vice Chairman argued that the APC administration, rather than adopting robotic policing as obtainable in other developed nations, is not ready and does not belong to the league of nations for robotic warfare.

“They have told us in clear terms that they do not have solution to the security problem of this country.

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“We are all hopeless and have resorted to God to help us; insecurity is so bad because the economy is so bad.

“A good economy can also help reduce insecurity, majority of Nigerians have turn beggars.

“The only defence they have now is to tell us corruption is fighting back; the trains stop on the way, so many cases of kidnapping, illegal bunkery, you say corruption is fighting back; it was your promise to fight corruption in your campaigns.

“Let us not talk about robots, we are not there yet, we are still doing mundane things; the policeman in this country, half of them do not have arms, could you believe a thing like this?

“And you want to ensure internal security, police share arms, a policeman buys his uniform, if the gun is bad, he pays to service it, the policeman is not trained to service his own rifle.

“In the past, you see policemen servicing their rifles but these ones, nobody taught them and so they do not know it, everybody just wants to be Commissioner of Police or Inspector General,” he lamented.

Ogidi said that the position of the Nigerian Police and the Attorney General of the Federation on ‘Amotekun’, a security outfit, jointly set up by states in the South-West Zone, declaring it illegal suggests that the Federal Government had lost grip on internal security.

The PDP chieftain said that the people are now trying to protect themselves through legal means, rather than take laws into their hands.

He maintained that 50 years after the Nigerians civil war, some of the factors that led to the war are still very much around in the country.

According to him, “I am worried because former Heads of State are warming that the current situation in the country may lead to war but nobody is listening, the President is not listening.”

The PDP Vice Chairman alleged that it was obvious that the PDP was robbed at the 2019 presidential elections following the recent judgements on electoral matters at the Supreme Court.

“But as a Christian, we look to God to intervene because we have not been quiet, we have been talking but we cannot take the laws into our hands, we are trying to protect ourselves.

“It looks to me that Nigerians have given up, they are just waiting on God for Him to intervene and I believe God will intervene because Nigerians have been praying, God will forgive us and intervene.

“Nigerians should be peaceful, this game we are playing called power game, it is God’s power, if a man tries to usurp it, he pays the price for it,”  Ogidi said.