No time to cook? 7 easy meals that will save the day

With busy lives and sometimes sporadic schedules, we have all had to deal with skipping meals, and sometimes even worse, forgetting to eat altogether.

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Firstly, the best recipe for success even when it comes to food is preparation. This means stocking the pantry with staples such as bread, pasta, cheese, flour, oats, diary products, vegetables and don’t forget nuts and healthy snacks. However, when all else fails, ordering the affordable value meal from Jumia online shopping will save you time and the stress of sleeping on an empty stomach. This week they are offering a N1400 savoury bowl of rice and succulent chicken pieces in a thick finger-licking sauce. You will definitely win with this option.

Below are 7 easy meal recommendations so that you never again have to skip on breakfast or lunch even with the busiest of schedules.

  1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of the easiest meals to prep and eat in less than five minutes and the versatility with sandwiches is unmatched because the options are endless

For a delicious and filling sandwich, use tomatoes, leafy greens, some cucumber for crunch if you’d like, and cheddar or gouda cheese. The meat options are entirely up to you, be it cured spicy salami, prosciutto, chicken sausages or even without, it will be just as delicious.

  1. Healthy Cereals or Porridges

Cereals are the gold standard of easy breakfast options but not so long ago, the options for healthy cereals were next to non-existent. Nevertheless, we will always have oats – overnight oats soaked in your fridge with blueberries, some cinnamon, bananas and nuts of your choice. It is quick, filling and delicious.

If you are still in need of other cereal options, consider muesli, fruits and yoghurts or a chia pudding breakfast bowl, both of which can be made with ingredients from your kitchen or bought pre-packed from a grocery store nearby.

  1. Chicken Livers

One word for a delicious, creamy and tangy bowl of chicken livers is hearty! Chicken livers require very little prep and cooking time, and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Use fresh or frozen livers from your favourite grocery store, some cream or dairy-free alternatives, a bit of chilli if you’d like, some herbs, and you are good to go.

It is a one pot kind of meal where you can pour everything into the pot to cook at the same time. Set a timer for less than 20 mins and serve with delicious rye or garlic bread.

  1. Salads

Salads are fresh, healthy and versatile but sometimes not so filling. Here is the trick, after you have bought all your leafy greens, rockets, lettuce and baby spinach, add vegetables like butternut, beetroot, avocados and potatoes to add some volume to your salad.

This way you don’t have to worry about getting hungry again in less than an hour after just eating. Needless to also say, proteins are always a good idea, boiled eggs, chicken or some salmon.

  1. Oven Ready Pizzas

The competition for the tastiest, ready in 20 minutes or less pop in the oven pizzas is stiff. No one will disagree that pizza is always a good idea! The important thing is to be prepared, so next time you take time out for a proper grocery run, make sure to add oven ready pizzas to your list. They can be stored in your freezer for rainy days when you just don’t have any time to spare.

  1. Lazy Delicious Pasta

This is a three-ingredient pasta dish requiring store-bought basil and tomato mix, protein of your choice like chicken, and of course the desired pasta like penne, spaghetti or linguine. Pastas are so simple to make, they require such little effort and you can’t mess them up. The star ingredient in this dish, besides the pasta of course, is basil. Basil has this aromatic but creamy taste to it and when used for even the simplest of dishes, it elevates the meal so well, making it seem like you put in restaurant quality effort for such a simple dish.

  1. Noodles or Ramen

College students, doctors on call, and every other type of workaholic you can find will attest that noodles are the champions of easy and quick meals when you have no time to spare. On the surface, it is so simple and sometimes seen as too bland but the trick is that you can add practically anything to it. Throw in some boiled eggs, green onions, chicken, sweetcorn, chilli and leafy greens, all in one pot and you have a delicious low effort bowl of noodles.

With this list, you never have to skip a meal ever again, no matter how busy you get!









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