Nigerian Army opens up Sambisa forest with new roads

IN its determined efforts aimed at making Sambisa forest an extended training ground, the Nigerian Army is following up its ongoing clearance operations with road constructions into the main heartland of the forest.

The feeder roads are also aimed at linking adjoining towns and villages in the surrounding forest aimed at commencing work to lay the foundation for training.

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Army spokesman Brigadier General Sani Usman said that actual work has commenced in earnest along Gwoza-Yamteke-Bitta road, as well as the reconstruction of the old road from Gwoza-Yamteke-Bitta-Tokumbere, leading into Sambisa forest.

With the encroachment of built up development areas into the original Jaji enclave of the entire military, the Nigerian Army has developed a tradition of creating other sub training grounds like kontagora and now Sambisa to ensure that continuous training and retraining of its personnel is never hindered.

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