Makinde administration has returned over 60,000 students to school ― ANCOPPS

The Oyo State Chapter of the All Nigerian Congress of Public Secondary School Principals (ANCOPSS), has said with policies of the Governor Seyi Makinde administration, over 60,000 students, who dropped out due to financial incapacitation, had been returned to school.

Secretary of the ANCOPSS, Mr Akin Akinade, was quoted as stating this in a statement by Permanent Secretary,
Oyo Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr Bunmi Babalola.

Akinade explained that data gathered from primary, post-primary and senior secondary schools revealed the increase in students enrolment.

He said the ANCOPSS considered the increase in students’ enrolment, among other strides in the education sector, as feats worthy of accolades.

In light of this, Akinade said the ANCOPSS has decided to honour Governor Seyi Makinde as grand patron of the organization in September.

Akinade said the present administration in Oyo State had returned the old glory of yesteryears in education by instituting genuine people’s friendly policies like free education as well as focusing on welfare and capacity building for teachers.

Akinade said: “How can one forget in a hurry how the present administration at its inception organized a 3-day capacity training in a conducive atmosphere for instructional leaders (principals and vice-principals) for efficient and effective management of our secondary schools. In my over 30 years as a teacher, this never happened.

“It shows a governor who clearly understands what it means to train and retrain the commanders on the field.

“Again, one can see the recruitment of over 5,000 teachers and conversion of over one thousand non-teaching to teaching staff.

“In one fell swoop, over six thousand teachers were added to our classrooms. This is certainly unprecedented and I know what I am talking about. This is not even talking about distribution of chairs and desks, laboratory equipment, exercise and textbooks and to crown it all, prompt payment of salaries which is more than a morale booster.

“The results of all these interventions are beginning to manifest in the achievement scores of our students in the state.

“The honour ANCOPPS is giving to Governor Seyi Makinde as our Grand Patron is to further celebrate the activities, policies and programmes of the government in the area of education, which today has reflected in the major improvements we are witnessing in the sector.

“Today, Oyo State is one of the leading lights among other States in the federation in education development, remember it was among some other States mentioned at the outset of the present administration to be among those with high number of Out-of-school children, today, the story has changed, we now have over 6000 students that are back in school because of these laudable steps of the state government.

“This government has returned the school grant, free textbooks and notebooks to students, employed many teachers, elevated many senior teachers and our salaries and emoluments are constantly paid at the 25th of every month, it is worthy of commendation.

“We are all in Nigeria, some states earning more than Oyo State are sacking teachers and other workers, some are rescinding their promise to pay minimum wage while others are owing months in salaries of workers, our own governor has left nothing untouched in returning normalcy to the education system and I can tell without any fear of contradiction that some states have been coming to emulate the good programmes and policies of Oyo State Government on education.”

“We are therefore planning to make the governor of Oyo State our Grand Patron, he is worthy of that honour and we are sure he is going to do more to drive the growth of education and other sectors of the state.”


Makinde administration has returned over 60,000 students to school

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