Love, Valentine and spicing your relationship

IT’s valentine’s weekend! The famed festival of love is celebrated all over the world. Valentine has come to be regarded as a celebration of love and proof that love can conquer all that lies in its path. From the myth and legends that surround the celebration, lovers find hope that they can stoke up the fires of love yet again and fan its embers into flame.

How exactly do you plan to do that this Valentine? If Christmas is the season of giving, Valentine is the season of loving. There are several ways you can choose to spice up your relationship this Valentine:

Do something for your significant other: Just to clear the air, you should know your partner’s love language and the things they respond to best. You should do something that is directly in line with your partner’s love language. The response and the enthralling look on their faces are the ‘thank you’ that you need.

Act like you’re still dating: Remember that jitter you felt in your stomach when you were first getting to know your husband? There was nothing better than those “just thinking of you” messages to keep the butterflies in your tummy and smile on your face. Send random texts and photos throughout the day that have nothing to do with scheduling, logistics, work stuff, or the kids.If you are married, there is always that urge to always act like it. This Valentine, act like you are still dating. It is not pretentious; it is just what it is.

Though you can’t live in the past, you can act like it. Turn back the clock by dressing up for dinner and going to a restaurant as though you are on a first date together. If you are looking for a more casual option, take a hike on the trail you used to run before life became so busy. Revisiting a place that means something to your relationship will not only bring back the nostalgia of the old days but remind you that those feelings are still alive today.

Don’t use holidays as an excuse to surprise: What’s a good surprise? A real surprise! Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are all great times to treat your honey to a nice something, but what about when it’s completely unexpected? There is nothing sweeter than a completely surprising breakfast in bed on a random Sunday morning or a bouquet of flowers just because you can. It isn’t really a surprise because your significant other knows that they will be surprised on Valentine’s Day. You need to do more and actually stretch beyond the festivities. Love gives, and it is not limited to valentine.

Unplug from your devices:  Our phones are our best friends and our worst distractions — especially when it comes to interacting with our real-life friends. There’s nothing more impersonal than telling your significant partner about your day, only to have them respond by occasionally looking up from scrolling through their phones.

To avoid this mishap, make it a goal to detach from technology when trying to spend personal time together. Even though this sounds like a small action, it’s one that’ll ignite the large connection that you may have felt was fading.Beyond the Valentine period, you will be able to achieve more with your significant other and your circle if you can unplug from the digital frenzy and focus on spending quality time with them in conversation.

So, what if I am in a long-distance relationship?

As the world increasingly becomes a global village, more long-distance relationships have been formed. Thankfully, with technology, even long-distance relationships can enjoy a higher level of companionship than what used to obtain before now. However, it must be said that if you are in a long-distance relationship, you must prioritise communication. It must become an inherent part of the deal for you.

Now, what activities can you engage in to spice up your love and relationship during this period and beyond:

Try using a couple’s app: Long distance relationship couples have a lot of developers to thank. There are apps on the internet that can help long-distance relationship couple bond better.  These apps allow you to play games with your boo, make lists of upcoming dates and dream travel locations, and even “thumb kiss” by pressing your thumbs onto your phone screens, making both your phones vibrate. Can tech get any cuter?

Play video games together: If you both are gamers, maybe you’re already doing this, but even if not, there are lots of fun online games you can play together—There are incredibly massive multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Second Life. You could even try your hands at Call of Duty. Watching your love’s character move around can make you feel like you’re hanging out in real life!

Start watching a new show on Netflix together: Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sweet TV time! Pick a show you both have been dying to see and set aside a time every day or couple of days to sit down and watch an episode at the same time.You can message each other your reactions in real-time, and it’ll feel like you’re spending an evening together, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart.

Enjoy your Valentine!

Next week, we will be checking out the topic ‘Can love be faked?’

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