#June12protest: Police disperse protesters in Abuja

The police on Saturday shot teargas to disperse protesters in the Gudu area of Abuja area as the country marked Democracy Day on June 12.

The protesters had earlier blocked the Gudu Junction to protest the state of the nation.

The protesters in Gudu district, a satellite town in Abuja, had turned out in their numbers carrying placards and banners with various inscriptions.

One of their major demands was the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.
They are asking that President Muhammadu Buhari resign from office.

According to them, the president has failed in addressing the challenges in the country, including that of insecurity.

Among those leading the protest were social activists Omoyele Sowore and Deji Adeyanju.

However, as the protesters continued their protest, heavily armed policemen stormed the scene and began shooting tear gas into the air, dispersing the protest.

At the Unity Fountain in Abuja, which is a popular venue for protests in the nation’s capital, had been under lock against protesters as of 8:00 am on Saturday.

Nevertheless, at the Millennium Park just opposite the fountain, a few individuals wearing branded T-shirts with the inscription ‘I Stand With Buhari’ gathered to sing the praise of President Muhammadu Buhari.

They later embarked on a road walk to mark Democracy Day.

In his speech, the National President, Youth Coalition for Development, Comrade Aminu Aminu has applauded the effort of President Muhammadu Buhari in tackling the issue of insecurity in the country.

Aminu while speaking in Abuja on Saturday at the commemoration of democracy day stated that the government has done well in the area of security, such that the country is now a safe haven for its citizens.

“This government has done excellently well because before you and I cannot stand like this because of the level of insecurities in the northern parts of the country, including kidnappings.

“But today because of the commitment and hard work of this government, there is no local government under the shield of the Boko Haram, on kidnappings, now you can travel freely at night, the road is now safe and insecurity has been tackled”.

Aminu also explained that those calling for a break-up in the country are creating confusion as he enjoins them to channel their agitations rightly instead of creating tension in the country.

“The government is doing its own good and there are many ways of challenging the government, putting things in order, if you have challenges there are ways and structure put in place to channel your grievances and you will be attended to”.

He thereby calls on all Nigerian Youths to be upright and not be used as prey by politicians to achieve their own personal interest.

“We are here to call the attention of the Nigerian Youth that they should shine their eyes so as not to be used by politicians that want to achieve their own another way in politics of money, the enmity between one another, we want Nigeria to continue in peace as one nation and one entity.”

Member of the Civil Society Coalition for Peace, Martins Igwe on his own part stated the mass mobilization is in celebration of a truly democratic government.

Igwe however opined that on governance, the ways of both the minority and majority differs, nobody said there is a perfect democracy all over the world, democracy and democratic dispensation is a journey and not a destination.

He added that Nigerians must collectively come together and work to make a great nation

“Nobody has the monopoly of wisdom in terms of giving the best for the country, but we must come together, share our views, mobilize for the best of the country, it is cheaper to be together than being apart as a nation.”


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