Is Forex Better Than Stocks?

Very often, traders guess what is better – the stock market or Forex. Some prefer the stock market, asserting that it is much easier to earn income on it. Others, on the contrary, prefer to trade in the Forex market, since it is possible to get a more significant income in a short time. In fact, in the Forex market, traders can use leverage, and you can start trading with small capital. Let’s see which is better: Forex or the stock market.

Stock Market Benefits

A wide selection of instruments

The opportunity to choose the appropriate financial instrument. In the stock market, the main assets are securities, namely stocks, futures and bonds. Among the huge number of shares, the trader is allowed to choose the most successful ones.

High volatility level

For example, the world-famous NYSE makes it possible to use about 3,000 shares for trading. The cost of some stocks can seriously fluctuate, on what speculators can earn.

Receiving a profit

The company pays interest on the shares, often a certain percentage of the company’s annual profit.

Stock market cons

Risk of stock/bond depreciation

The value of shares/bonds may be significantly reduced if there is a risk of bankruptcy of the enterprise.

Difference in time

It is possible to trade on the stock exchange only during the period of its operation. Therefore, some speculators are trading at night due to the difference in time zones. Also, during off-hours, a vast difference in price levels may arise, due to which the speculator will no longer be able to trade at the expected price.

Low leverage

The maximum leverage provided by the stock exchange is 1:3, and this significantly reduces the ability of the speculator to receive substantial income with small capital.

The advantages of the Forex market

The Forex market was originated in the 70s of the previous century. Although the Forex market has appeared relatively recently, it is becoming more popular day by day. Daily turnover in the Forex market is several times higher than the turnover of the stock exchange.


The main advantages of Forex are:

High level of liquidity

High liquidity means that there are always a sufficient number of buyers and sellers on the market, i.e. there are no difficulties with opening and closing positions – the trader can still get a quote with a minimum spread. High liquidity ensures smooth movement of the rate, and even during crises. There are almost no gaps on the chart of exchange rates, unlike the stock market, where practically every day the opening price differs significantly from the closing price.

Round-the-clock operation

The forex market operates on a 24/5 schedule. Due to this, traders can trade at any time convenient for them. Forex market participants do not need to wait to react to a particular event, as it happens in other markets. The trader can instantly make decisions and act immediately after the news, ahead of other traders and get the best price.

Low commission

The stock exchange charges a percentage for each completed transaction. Moreover, the commission takes both the exchange and the broker. But in the Forex market, a commission is charged only by a broker, which is called a spread.

Small initial capital

In the Forex market, you can start trading with a small amount of money. As a rule, this amount is only 100 dollars or even lower.

Big Leverage

Market brokers have a leverage of 1:500. For this reason, having a small initial amount of money, a speculator in Forex can multiply it much faster than in the stock market.

Forex disadvantages

Unfortunately, the Forex market is endowed with its cons, among which the following should be noted:

There is a risk to get to the scam broker

On the Internet, many brokers are working in bad faith. So it’s highly recommended selecting a broker carefully.

The risk of a full loss of the deposit

Using high leverage, the trader risks losing all his deposit at once. To avoid such a situation, it is worth using the rules of money management in trade and correctly calculating the trading volume. It is also recommended to practice your trading skills ona demo account first before moving to real trading.


So, as you see, the Forex market is a much more accessible market, especially for novice traders, who don’t have significant capital. But if you decided on this or that market, no matter what exactly, all your success depends only on you. Trading is not simple and needs a lot of knowledge and skills. Good luck!


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