Increase in VAT and fat layers in 2019 budget

Everybody knows that in order to properly diet and slim down, you must change your eating habits. The government of President Muhammadu Buhari should, for the sake of posterity, tell us in clear analysis how it intends to free the nation from the debt slavery.

The 2019 budget has fat layers to trim down. Workers will be affected most by the increase in VAT. The rich through their businesses will pass on the fallout of the increase to consumers.

The increase in VAT will also lead to increase in prices, which is one way of fuelling inflation. It is, therefore, imperative to trim down the fat layers in the 2019 federal budget. The fat layers include but is not limited to food and entertainment budgets; fat salaries and allowances of National Assembly members; security votes; unproductive foreign tours to pocket fat estacodes; fleets of cars allocated to public office holders should be reduced; reduce official aides, special assistants.

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Also, the budget to feed dogs must be trimmed since the police prefer the use of live bullets. Stop the provision of logistics for first ladies to undertake uninspiring/unproductive tours to promote  political ambitions that end up with loss of lives.

Rulers should not be exempted from belt tightening while the people suffocate under the harsh economic conditions created by government’s ostentation. By the way, can the police open fire on their own loved ones?

This monstrosity can only happen in Nigeria without attracting serious repercussions. The medicine after death prescription of setting up panels has not produced any deterrent – It is just mere formalities. The bullying must stop.


 John R. Jimoh,


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