Home or abroad, my music will sell —Ebirim

Nigerian singer and rapper, Chimaobi Ebirim, popularly known as Chimsnero Goldsmith, is fast gaining prominence in North Cyprus, where he is based with his ability to write songs, sing and even rap. In this interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO, he speaks about his career abroad and what it takes to be a celebrity in a strange land.

You are a singer and rapper. These are two different crafts that people hardly combine. What makes yours different?


I have heard people say that it is hard to be a rapper and singer at this same time but I have done this for years and it does not come as hard as people feared. It also does not mean it is the easiest thing to do as well, but once you know what you have and to maximize your potentials, you won’t have any problem with putting your talent to good use. So, for me, I have added creativity to my music and I have a special style that anyone can easily relate with. My songs are not hard to understand. Whether I rap or sing, the message is well arranged and simple.


Which one did you develop first: the singing or the rap?

Singing came naturally. It was the first thing I learnt to do or let me say I discovered early before any other thing started coming up. When you maximise one potential very well, the tendency is that you would be unveiling another hidden treasure because you have done well with the first one God gave you. Then as humans, there is no limit to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and get better at it.


At what point in your life did you decide that music was the next thing for you?

I don’t know how to answer this question because music is me and I am music. From the moment I could understand any word or utter words, music has been part of me since then. All my life, music has always been my passion.

For somebody who has always been motivated to sing since his early days in life, what was that thing that gave you to impression that music is the way?


Growing up I saw the impact of music in people’s lives and how it made them happy, so I decided to also make people smile and stay happy with my music. It is not something that just happened now; it has been a long time coming for me. I have been dedicated and committed to music for a very long time, and I am happy that is yielding positive results now.


You don’t even stay in Nigeria and we have heard of tales from Nigerians who try to make a living from music in the States. How are you coping?

It is not new. We have heard people say how hard it has been for them pushing their music career from outside the country. It is actually quite difficult because my style of music is different. That’s why I put in more works and creativity in my music that can be accepted by my people anywhere in the world. I keep getting better every day and studying new trend, so music is good for me and that’s what I want my fans to get from me anytime they listen to my songs.


Looking at music over there and how it is done compared to what we now have in Nigeria, what do you make out of the comparism?

I try to always move away from the belief that you can’t compare music as it is done here to what we have in Africa. Music, for me, is a universal language. Even when people don’t understand your language, they can easily dancing or move with the rhythm and sound of your music. For me, music is the same everywhere; it has one language and that is rhythm and sound. Once you can connect to the heart of the people or your listeners anywhere, they will appreciate your music and give you the attention you need. I put a lot of creativity into my songs, so with the kind of content I will get my audience anywhere in the world.


You are signed to Freashboiz Movement Entertainment. Is this a movement or record label?


It is not a movement. It is a recorded label that was founded by me and my brothers.


How has the reception for your music been like in Cyprus?

The reception has been quite good. I am really enjoying the music journey and I know it can only get better.


Don’t you think you still have a lot of grounds to cover as far as music is concerned?

Yes sure cause I still haven’t reached the heights I plan to reach. It is a gradual process


What are you working on now and what was your last musical project?

Actually I just released a new song on April 20. Apart from that, my colleague and I on the record label are working on a joint EP. We have not picked a date for its release yet, but we will release it once the job is done.


Would you ever consider returning to Nigeria and start afresh musically?

I have learnt to be careful of never to say no to early anything until it happens. I think the future will tell what will happen. I won’t be returning to start music afresh if at all I choose to come back, it is going to be basically to increase my fan base in Nigeria and create opportunities for people.


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