Goodbye 2019, it’s been nice knowing you

Over the years, the dragnet of this platform has gathered millions of leaders and would be leaders around the world. This leadership platform has become a very unique and deep river that emerging leaders drink from every week. And in 2020, it promises to become better, wider and deeper. The more I live in Nigeria and on this continent, the clearer it becomes to me that leadership is our major problem. Like I did challenge a group of emerging leaders a few weeks ago; “Your destiny is leadership. Your calling is leadership. Rise and lead for the rest of the world to follow,” I am also using this platform to challenge you. The right time for you to rise to lead is now!

In 2020, you must get out of insignificance, anonymity and obscurity, and become very visible. This is non-negotiable. And you must also turn your manuscripts into books and get them into the market for people to buy. Leverage technology to get out what you are carrying on your inside, because no one knows what you are having in you until you birth it. Relevant people must drink from your wine in 2020.

You cannot afford to join billions of those who only wish for a new year without doing anything to having a new year. The status-quo is going to be maintained in 2020, on the condition that you do not learn and apply some non-negotiable principles into your life. It is not enough to religiously only wish for a better new year. As a matter of fact, waiting till 31st December before exiting an old year is no wisdom. The truth is; 2020 started three months ago! Those who understand this are going to lead in 2020 for others to follow. You may need to get one of my well-written articles on this.

In 2020, you cannot afford to be gullible. You must demand for your rights as a citizen as enshrined in our constitution. Any religion that teaches you to keep quiet in the face of injustice is not of God for God Himself hates injustice. He’s God of justice. Am I teaching you to become violent? Far be it from me! I am only teaching you to peacefully and doggedly demand for what is yours as a citizen, because profit of the land is supposed to be for all, not a few!

In 2020, withdraw from associations that do not add value to you. There are people you have been hanging out with for years—who do not add any value to you. They only consistently take value away from you. Without making this tough decision, you aren’t going to experience a new year. Remember, you cannot rise beyond the corporate quality of those you are relating with.

Also, in 2020, you must refuse to be blind and rebuff ignorance. The reason you currently fit into some associations is because of ignorance (blindness). The day you start seeing, you are going to be ostracized. You are going to be rejected. You are going to be given the left-hand of fellowship. And until you are rejected by the wrong people, the right ones will not accept you. Remember, insight makes it impossible for you to fit into some associations.

To keep re-inventing yourself, you will need to keep learning at all cost. Over the years, I have met with too far many folks who have remained unchanged since they left their higher places of learning, because they stopped learning immediately they exited their places of learning. 20years after leaving their varied higher places of learning, they are still thinking and speaking the way they were thinking and speaking when they were on campus. In 2020, start building your own library and start reading through good books. And make sure you apply to your life what you glean from books.

Also, in 2020, make sure you are teachable and humble. Pride does not only make folks fall, it does make them poor too! Proud people will always have empty pockets. And proud folks usually lack help because it takes humility to ask for help. Many people are suffering today because they are too big and proud to ask for help. Does this sound like you?

Humble people are yet to get what they are looking for in the midst of the earth, how much more proud ones? Also, only humble people can attract great mentors and great mentors are non-negotiable on the condition that you truly want to become successful in your field as a leader. In 2020, you need great mentors to hold you accountable. Through this platform, many people have become my mentees and their lives have become better for it. Many people think what they need is money, not knowing that what they need is a mentor—who is skillful in re-directing wanderers!

As we exit 2019, you need to know that you are only five relationship steps from anybody you want to meet with, even if the person is Donald Trump! Many people do not know that human beings are very relevant to whatever they want to become on earth. They think all they need is God. They are rude to man, but they claim to know God. They are very religious, but very poor and helpless, because they have been ignorantly compromising a divine order.

Lastly, many years ago, a young-man flew from London to Lagos to search and meet with a man who was relevant to his destiny! This is to let you know that a man is usually the bridge between where you are and where you desire to be and who you are and who you hope to become. In fact, God uses man, each time He wants to promote anyone. In 2020, search and meet with at least a man who is relevant to your destiny. Remember, you are only five relationship steps from him. Till I come your way again next week Monday, I do wish you a happy new year and I do hope to see you where great leaders are found.

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