Goals for Nigeria beyond 2023

I salute this great country as it clocked 62 years even as it is glaring that behavioural patterns are still childish and heart-rending. As a vanguard of youthful values and ideals, I cannot but appeal to the commanders of her leadership to steer it with caution and esteemed decorum. Elections are near and we should put heads together in charting a new course and goal for the Nigerian dream. We must shame the destroyers of democratic values who are waiting with bated breath to see us scuttle this enduring and admirable democratic experience.

Elections should be free and fair and only those who have lofty vision for our dear country must be allowed to govern. Academically-empowered youths should be put at the centre of technological forum to enhance their problem-solving skills to engender quality societal advancement.

Altruism with passion to make Nigeria great again and ready to govern our country by providing a tie for overweight industrialisation and mass economic growth should be voted in come 2023.  Our collective aim should be how to make Nigeria proud among the comity of nations and not win laurels in corruption, poverty and senseless politically-motivated killings.

God bless Nigeria, our own dear native land.

Tunde Eso, Lagos.


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