Five marital sex senses

I am a disciple of great sex in marriage. This is because sex is one of the sustaining factors in marriage. Without it, marriage cannot succeed. As a matter of fact, it is one of the three regularly canvassed purposes of marriage, at the point of joining, during the ceremony, either at the court, or religious centre, or mosque.

In my quest for sexual satisfaction in marriage, I have developed what I term five sex senses. This is patterned along the five sense organs in human beings. We are mostly aware, as a matter of fact, that these five sense organs are what make a human being completely functional. Likewise, the five sex senses are the basics for a great sex life in marriage. When used, sex cannot but be of maximum enjoyment in marriage. Without any of the sex senses, sex cannot be said to be mutually beneficial to the married couples. So, every married couple should ensure that the five senses are adopted in the marriage for them to enjoy mutually beneficial sex.


What are these five sex senses?

  • Sense of mutual agreement

Sex must be based on mutual agreement. That is, the two persons must agree to have sex. Without an agreement, sex cannot be mutually beneficial to the couple. It’s either one is satisfied to the detriment of the other. Or both are not satisfied. Though, one of them may be able to relieve sexual tension, through such a forced sex experience.  From personal and ministerial experience, it is a fact that the most enjoyable sex act is one in which the two persons are in full agreement to engage in it. So, if great sex is your goal in marriage, you must apply this mutual agreement sense.


  • Sense of mutual enjoyment

The focus in a great sex marriage should be the mutual satisfaction of the husband and wife. Be sensible enough to give consideration to the enjoyment of your spouse. When this is the goal of each spouse, there will be no spouse who will not be sexually satisfied, or feel used in the act of sex. This is a motivation for the couple to put spirit, soul and body into the act.


  • Sense of mutual participation

Why get into the act of sex if you will just be lying down like a log of wood. It simply does not make sense. I have always counselled couples to make sex a team work. You must be an active participant in the act. Don’t leave the whole preambles to your spouse, while you get lost in thought. Once it is not by force, then don’t be absent minded in the act. Neither should you bring up another issue during the act. What is worth doing is worth doing well. This is what sense of participation demands from each spouse.

  • Sense of mutual expression

This is the icing on the cake in the act of sex, if it is a great one. The passionate groans, moans, verbal expression of enjoyment are sensible ways of motivation in the act. I believe you know the point I am making here. After all, you are married. If you are ignorant of this, then you have not being enjoying great sex in your marriage. The gymnastic displays also give expression to the act of sex. Please excuse me at this point on this. I leave the rest to you. After all, it is often proverbially stated that after the mother has given birth, it is left for the young praying mantis to perfect the act of dancing.


  • Sense of mutual appreciation

Every couple must perfect the act of appreciation in the marriage. You must always appreciate one another. This should also play out in the act of sex. Tell your spouse how much you appreciate what he or she is doing to you in bed. Don’t eat the meal and clean your mouth as if it is nothing. Be grateful for the orgasms and the ejaculation. It’s not everyone that experiences such most of the time.

I believe that if we apply these five senses in the act of sex in our marriage, great sex will become a permanent feature for couples.

My book, Enjoying Great Sex Life, is still available for sale. Please contact me on 08112658560 for details.


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