Event Planning Tips

WE follow 5 ‘W’s (i.e. Why, What, When, Where, Who) and 1 H’ (i.e. How) principle to create an event plan.


‘Why’ means, why you want to organize the event, i.e. event objective.

What do you want to get from the event? For example, do you want to organize the event to enhance your company’s brand image, to increase company’s sales, to promote your client’s products/services or to promote a social cause, to celebrate and have fun? etc.

Defining event objectives at the very start of event planning is very important as it gives you the direction in which you should proceed to accomplish your objectives. Organizing an event without clear objectives is a huge waste of both time and resources.

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‘What’ means what you are going to do in the event, i.e. what will be the:

Event Name

What will be the name of the event? For eg: ‘Shakara Fair 2019’ ‘Ibadan Beauty Pageant Contest’, etc

Food and Beverage Menu

It contains the list of food items and beverages you will serve during the event to guests and target audience. Always consult a caterer while deciding your food and beverage menu as he knows the best which wine is served with a particular course (i.e. meal).

Keep event theme, preferences and religion of target audience and guests in mind while deciding the menu. If majority of your target audience are vegetarian, then it is not a good idea to serve non-veg in the event. Similarly, if majority of your guests are very health- conscious then there should also be some low calories food items in your menu. You don’t want them to go back on an empty stomach.

Also keep climatic conditions into account. Don’t serve out-of season food items and beverages. Like serving ice cream/cold drink in winter, food (like spicy food) that provides warmth during summer or food that provides coolness during winter.

Event Profile

What the event is all about? For e.g., this event is an International exhibition on new models of cars and its accessories.

Guests Profile

Who will be your chief guest and other guests? Your guest list must include organizers, sponsors, partners, clients and especially media people. Use your imagination to create good titles to woo your guests. Like ‘Guest of honour’, star guest, etc. Never give special treatment to one particular guest or guests’ group.

Event Theme

Theme means subject. An event can be based on a particular theme like Hollywood, Hawaiian, Egyptian, balloon, clock, red, white etc. Theme-based events are generally parties or wedding. Like we can have party based on flowers theme. Such type of parties is known as theme parties. In a theme party, everything from dress code, decoration, games, music, gifts, favors to food and beverages are based on a particular theme.

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