Education amidst COVID-19, a possibility

Covid-19 being a deadly disease that struck the nation, really affected the progress of institutions and schools. Having such a situation in the country which has jeopardised the education of students, there are feasible ways by which education can continue under these harsh circumstances by which the government is to provide some facilities and join hands together with medical practitioners.

Government should provide nose mask, face shield and hand sanitiser to various institutions and schools and ensure they gets to everyone including the teachers and lecturers.

Secondary and primary schools should be provided with school buses, where each school bus has a doctor with thermometer and sanitiser to ensure all kids are fine before entering the bus.

Parents should ensure that their kids are fine before sending them to school; sick students shouldn’t be accepted into school premises.

The government should provide funds for new buildings in schools, if it’s possible, they should improvise by fixing tents in schools, with chairs and desks, with a protractor for teaching and also 2cm spacing, for social distance.

In primary schools: daycare, pre-nursery to nursery 3, should not resume school, for they are children, who can’t take care of themselves, wear face masks or face shields and use sanitisers.

Pupils of the primary section, should eat from home, bring only packed snacks and go home early. Assemblies should not be conducted; playing grounds should not be accessible by the pupils.

In secondary schools, food vendors should have no chairs around for students to sit and eat, all food and snacks should be eaten in their various classes.

In institutions, lectures should be held faculty by faculty per day, in the sense that one faculty will receive lecture per day, and occupy different classes, to avoid congestion, departments with over 100 students should be divided and a projector should be provided to make the lecturers work easy.

Students without facemask or face shield should not be allowed into the school premises.

With these, I’m sure the education system would be balanced and every student, teacher and lecturer will be safe if we follow all protocols, and if the government is fully ready to provide the required needs for our protection.

Abdulrahman Fatima,


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