Complete justice will address insecurity in Nigeria ― Ortom, Ndume others

Benue State governor, Samuel Orton, has called for complete justice in addressing security challenge as a means to ensure the safety of all Nigerians in all sphere of the country to tackle insecurity in Nigeria

Orton who spoke at the Correspondent Chapel Press Week of the NUJ-FCT via Zoom said the crisis in Benue which has gone round the country can be stopped only by activating justice for all, stating that no one is safe so far.

The theme for the programme “Insecurity in Nigeria Restoring Peace, Unity and Progress” is aimed at finding a national solution to the insecurity problem in the country.

His words: “For us in Benue State and other states in the Middle Belt, it is more of a sad story of not just herdsmen against farmers but also of banditry, kidnappings and other criminal activities just as it is the case with other parts of the country.

“In other parts of the country, it is also multiple evils of kidnappings, herders-farmer conflict, banditry, coupled with insurgency and other vices that have gradually enveloped the entire country.

“For now, no one is safe until we unite to fight this common enemy,” Orton stated.

He continued that: “Boko Haram seems to be gradually coalescing with these militants in this axis for a final showdown with the Nigerian State.

“Before the advent of Boko Haram, banditry and kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism and other violent crimes were being perpetrated in almost all parts of the country. However, the influx of foreign armed herdsmen into the country has led to the escalation of these criminal activities.

“Fortunately for us, the press has always been in the forefront of charting new ways out of the difficult times we have had as a nation. This has been done at a high price.”

He noted that: “From the colonial years through military dictatorships, the Nigerian media has weathered the storm, taking risks on behalf of the people, most times, at the expense of their lives.”

He said the media has been great in finding solutions to national challenges in the past, therefore, its current effort is in the right direction.

“The Nigerian press has remained a uniting and stabilizing force using its resources to allow all kinds of voices to be heard. Our gathering here today is a further testament to this fact.

“This opportunity will enable us to beam our searchlight on the aftermaths of our actions and inactions as our nation wobbles in the face of enormous security challenges threatening the very foundation, unity and future of our country,” Ortom stated.

He said the South-East has its fair share of insecurity and “sadly, there has been a deafening silence from the Federal Government about the killer herdsmen. This has exacerbated the insecurity in the region and is responsible for the bloodshed and deep-rooted resentments and secessionist tendencies in the geopolitical zone.

In his deposition, Senator, Ali Ndume who is the chairman of the occasion said while Benue State can talk of being attacked by herdsmen, it cannot claim any loss more than Borno State.

According to him, the people of Benue State should start seeing the issue as the topic dictated which is finding a solution to the problem and keeping Nigeria safe.

Ndume said the country is faced with a leadership problem where the elite are united in purpose of deceiving Nigerians while justice is meted out to the countrymen, once again kicked against calls for state police.

He called for national dispensation of justice, adding that governors have not demonstrated sufficient maturity for state police, asking “are they not being accused of using thugs to oppress their enemies?”

He said whoever emergences leader of the nation should fear God as that will sufficiently make for good governance and demonstration of justice across the board, thus, making each state ripe for state police.

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) lone senator, Philip Aduda said empowering the traditional institution would pave way for security improvement and safety of the people, their homes and land.

Aduda who was represented by his Senior Legislative Aide to District Heads said: “We must use the traditional rulers to hold their respective provinces, that perhaps, it may be very necessary to have the Ministry of Traditional Rulers and Chieftaincy affairs to regulate the activities of Pastors and Imam who preach disunity among the population.


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