Her caustic tongue can make one commit suicide —Man

“It is true I’m advanced in age, but my prayer is that I live more years and live them in peace. My lord, if I keep this woman under my roof a moment longer, my wish will turn a ruse. I have therefore approached this court to seek divorce so that my life won’t be cut short.”

Folorunsho Olaleye  brought  a divorce suit against his wife, Grace Olaleye,  at a Customary Court in Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Folorunsho  alleged that Grace was troublesome and  often displayed high rate of irresponsibility. He added that he had lost his peace since he got married to her two years ago because she was stubborn, adamant and always fighting him.

“My wife often displays acts of irresponsibility which I find embarrassing.

“I took ill and was admitted in the hospital. A surgery was carried out on me.

“While I was recuperating in the ward, she attended to me, but made herself a nuisance.

“She would play music on her handset and turn the volume high, thereby disturbing me and other patients in the ward.

“I cautioned her, but she refused to behave. So also were the nurses on duty. I felt so much embarrassed and annoyed that I stopped eating whatever food she brought for me, “the plaintiff stated.

“When we got married two years ago, I took his two children from her first marriage in.

“To my surprise, she later brought in her grandchild, a toddler without discussing with me.

“I was annoyed and reported her to the woman who  is our intermediary. She was both surprised and disappointed with her behaviour, but pleaded with me to have the baby stay under my roof.

“I have not met her mother till date. Any time I raised the issue, she would sweep it under the carpet.

“My wife can kill with her mouth. She has a caustic tongue  which can make one commit suicide, “he added.

“She once asked me for feeding allowance at a period the payment of my pension allowance was delayed.  I explained to her that my pension allowance for the month was yet to be paid. She flared up when she heard this. Seeing she was about making a scene, I went into my room and locked the door.

‘She  took a padlock and locked the door from the outside and also went behind the house and locked the windows.

“I was in the room for hours. At a stage I wanted to ease myself, but she refused to open the door. I had to call one of my children who spoke to her.

“She  reluctantly agreed to remove the padlock. While opening it, she threatened she would give me just a push which would get me down on the floor.

“When I heard this, I stayed in my room and refused to unlock the door from inside. I stayed indoors  till it was night when I was sure she had gone to bed.

“Since then, I have stopped eating her food.

“My lord, I’m fed up with her. I want her to leave, “he concluded.

“I didn’t threaten to hurt him, “the Lord is my witness, Grace, weeping, told the court.

“The songs I was playing on my handset in the hospital were Christian music which was meant to lift my spirit. I stood by him and took good care of him in the hospital. The nurses commended me and even asked him to thank me.

“I lost my first husband seven years ago and since I got married to him two years ago, he has been taking care of me and my children, although there were times he beat me, tore my dress and bra.

“I take the blame for the rift  in our relationship. Please help me beg him because he had stopped eating since I was served the court summon.

The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi stated that more evidence would be needed.

He adjourned the case till July 14 and ordered that the couple come to court with their intermediaries.

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