10 things you need in order to make an outstanding presentation

Making an outstanding presentation requires a great deal of skill and professionalism. It goes beyond just standing and speaking in front of a group of people, it requires mastery over certain communication and public speaking skills.   

Effective communication should always be the focus of any exceptional presentation and achieving an outstanding presentation is quite possible with time if you bear in mind and take cognizance of certain things during your presentation.   

In order to ensure that you effectively communicate with your audience and deliver an exceptional presentation, check out these 10 skills.  

1. Learn from experts   

No one is an island of knowledge and Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day. In order to help you make an outstanding presentation, you need to take out time to learn from experts that have been in the field ahead of you.  

While self-practice can certainly help you be a more effective speaker, the place of learning from experts should also not be neglected.   

To ace your presentation skills, you need to take time to either attend a presentation in person or watch videos online. Take note of what these speakers do well and what you think they could improve. Try to incorporate some of their effective speaking strategies into your own presentation and see how much of an exceptional presentation you will begin to give over time.  

2. Give yourself adequate practice   

Adequate practice is said to make perfection. Making an exceptional presentation is not just achieved in a day. It’s a result of constant adequate preparation over a period of time.  

To give that exceptional presentation, you need to become so familiar with your lines that you can deliver them without your note.   

Having time to prepare for your presentation can help you feel calmer and more confident.  

3. Relax your mind and body  

No one has ever performed exceptionally under pressure. To ace your next presentation, you need to ensure that you are relaxed physically, emotionally and psychologically.   

If you find presenting difficult, it can be hard to be calm and relaxed about doing it.  

One option is to start by concentrating on your breathing. Slow it down, and make sure that you’re breathing fully. Make sure that you continue to pause for breath occasionally during your presentation too.  

If you can bring yourself to relax, you will almost certainly present better.  

4. Make use of a catchy introduction   

The beginning of your presentation is crucial. You need to grab your audience’s attention and hold it.  

You only have a few minutes to secure the attention of your audience when making a presentation and this should be done within the first few minutes of your presentation.   

In order to give an exceptional presentation, you need to start with a strong and catchy introduction and maintain this flow all through your presentation so you don’t lose your audience during your presentation.   

You should also ensure that you devise a means to secure the attention of your audience from the beginning to the end of your presentation.   

5. Tell stories  

Human beings are programmed to respond to stories.  

Stories help us to pay attention, and also remember things. If you can use stories in your presentation, your audience is more likely to engage and remember your points afterwards.  

To make an exceptional presentation, it is always a good idea to start with a story, and also make your presentation in form of a story.  

6. Connect with your audience  

Every outstanding presentation must connect with the audience since they are the centre of your focus.  

To connect with your audience, you should feel free to chat with your audience as people are getting settled before you begin your presentation. This can help you feel more comfortable and create a connection with your audience.  

7. Smile and make eye contact with your audience   

To make your presentation an outstanding one, you should ensure you smile and make eye contact with your audience.   

If you smile and make eye contact, you are building rapport, which helps the audience to connect with you and your subject.   

It also helps you to feel less nervous because you are talking to individuals, not to a great mass of unknown people.  

8. Keep it simple   

Your presentation does not need to be complex before it can be an outstanding one. Your presentation can be simple yet excellent.   

Your audience does not need you to come bore them with some outrageous grammar or lexicon. You should ensure you get an easy and simple way of communicating your core message to your audience without unnecessary complexities.  

9. Use your voice and body effectively   

An exceptional presentation combines the effective use of the voice and body effectively.   

Varying the speed at which you talk, and emphasising changes in pitch and tone all help to make your voice more interesting and hold your audience’s attention during a presentation.   

In addition to your tone of voice, your body language is also crucial to getting your message across effectively.  

 To give an outstanding presentation, you should avoid crossing your arms, holding your hands behind your back or in your pockets, and pacing the stage.  

Make your gestures open and confident, and move naturally around the stage, and among the audience too, if possible.  

10. Use of fillers and pauses  

No one is above making mistakes during a presentation and there is a chance of forgetting some lines in your presentation especially if you didn’t have enough time to prepare.   

The use of fillers and pauses helps in organising your line of thought and prevents you from making use of phrases such as “um” or ”ah.  

Making an exceptional presentation is quite possible if you are willing to give yourself to the process.   

Believe in yourself, pay the price and I believe the sky is your starting point.   



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