Sultan tasks Northern states on farming

Sultan Saad Abubakar has urged the Northern states, particularly Zamfara State, to put more efforts on farming and mining as the only option to end  the present economic predicament facing the region.

The Sultan spoke in Gusau at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the state.

He said going by its slogan, “farming is our pride”, Zamfara was capable of feeding not only the state, but the entire country, considering its vast Fertile land.

According to him, if the state is really serious about its slogan of “farming is our pride” and concentrated more on agricultural activities, it could properly feed not only its people, but the entire nation.

“If at all farming is our pride, let people see this in reality and be buying food from us” said the Sultan.

Another area that needs serious attention and utilisation, according to the Sultan, is the abandoned mineral resources which abound in the state waiting to be properly harnessed and put to use in order to develop both the state and the country.

“So many people have been killed due to illegal mining. They go on to mine without taking measures on their health. How do you now legalise the illegal mining as a state?

He called on the state government to do all it could to stop illegal mining due to the danger involved in the exercise and urged the Federal Government to partner with the states endowed with these resources in order to find ways of generating revenue for the country as according to him, depending on fuel alone could not take us anywhere.

“The situation we are in today due to over dependence on fuel is very challenging, people are complaining of lack of food, money, etc, but this is a global trend. Economic meltdown started all over the world due to total dependence on fuel”.

The Sultan also used the occasion to remind the people of the state to always remember their history, commending the Federal Government for reintroducing History subject into the curriculum which was removed by previous administration.

He stressed that states and local government creation was done for the rapid development of the people, but not targeted at dividing them, adding that “no matter how much we are divided, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zafara are still one family”.

He advised the leaders of the state to continue with the good work they had started, calling on them to always rate the state with others created at the same time.

“As a state created 20 years ago, I don’t want you to look at what you have achieved, but at the other five states created with Zamfara to see how they fare. Are you better than them?

He further stated: “I have seen some states among the six states created with Zamfara  and I can say that Zamfara is much better than some of them”.

“So, if you want to evaluate yourself, don’t look at some states older than you, but the ones below you and see what you can do to progress, because if you look at the person above you, you will start blaming yourself or even your God.

He concluded: “I believe history would judge the leaders of this state for what they have done in the last 20 years.”