Senate Rule Book forgery: I have forgiven my traducers —Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, said on Sunday that he had forgiven his traducers who put him up for trial in the alleged Senate Rule Book forgery suit.

Ekweremadu in a statement said that those behind his arraignment for a crime he never committed failed to consider the larger interest of the country above personal interest and feelings.

He admonished those in positions of authority to always adhere to their Oaths of Office and be just to all.

The statement from his media office indicated that he told a crowd of his supporters in Enugu that time had vindicated him.

The statement read: “I clearly recall stating on that day, my great comfort in the immortal words of late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, that history will vindicate the just.

“Time has indeed vindicated the just and it is victory for democracy. My trust in God, the court, and the overwhelming solidarity of the good people of Nigeria is justified.

“As a Christian, I have forgiven all those behind this, for, ultimately, God is the driver of the destinies of men. I believe that Nigeria has to move on, but on the right path of justice and rule of law. Going forward, we must learn to be just to all in accordance with our Oath of Office.”

The statement also quoted Ekweremadu as being full of appreciation for Nigerians who stood behind him and the other accused person throughout the trial.

He called on the government to “put politics behind and let us join hands in governance, especially now that our country is challenged on different fronts,” adding: “As leaders at this critical juncture of our history, we must work together in the best interest of our people.”

Society and Fourth Estate of the Realm, who stood stoutly in defence of democracy and its blessings, while the trial lasted.

“I deeply appreciate members of the international community, especially the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Parliament of the European Union, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union for their solidarity


“I also appreciate the professionalism and conscientiousness of the Private Prosecutor, Mr Aliyu Umar, SAN.”