Sammy is back on the ‘Hustle’

X3M Music act, Sammy Yakubu, is set to enter the mainstream of the music industry with his new single Hustle.

Hustle, a positive call to action and nod to industry that speaks to the present times is an encouraging, up-tempo manifesto that promotes the ideals of hard work and perseverance especially among the youth.

It opens with a scenario where Sammy sings of a certain level of achievement; Small money inu apo/driving round town in my moto/come back home to my ile. But Hustle is interested in loftier ideals than the glorification of cheap materialism.

In the succeeding verses, Sammy employs his vocal ability to narrate the importance of working hard and the lengths he has gone to achieve the inspirational picture he paints on the refrain.

Produced by Echo, the song’s structure is simple enough to follow. Arranged in refrain-chorus-verse style, the bits are played multiple times to guarantee the instant radio friendliness of the material.

Sammy’s semi-nasal vocal inflection is right at home with the up tempo beat of Hustle and he showed steady confidence tackling a change of pace style.