Reverie: Short horror flick debuts

The producers of the new short horror flick ‘Reverie’ said they are almost ready to present the film to the public for private viewing and submission to different international festivals. The flick, which is basically a short horror film was produced by Grey Lotus Studio, Eagles House Global Resources and Bobbyflex  Studios.

According to the Director of the flick, Ikenna Oguike, he said, “Reverie is a movie created by minds and hands that are super talented and simply out of this world. It is a collective effort of Grey Lotus, Eagles House and Bobflex Studios. Filled with blurry echoes of ghostly choruses from fears of the unknown, Reverie is a must see movie”, he averred.

In the words of Alayande Stephen T., one of the producers of the movie, “It is a new undertaking for me for I have been more involved with sitcoms and soap series within and outside the shores of the country in the last few years but producing a short film came with its own attendant challenges and we could only hope for the best. This movie will be presented for a private screening and submitted to different international film festivals all things being equal. After this, we will trail the blaze of being the first producers of mind gripping full fledge feature length horror film and soap series” he posited.