Re: Very uncouth language and behaviour

IT is obvious that our democracy is not matured enough for respected women like Senator Oluremi Tinubu to get involved in. In the olden days, I mean first and second republic our leaders then did not put forward their wives for electoral positions because they knew the implication. I am not blaming the Asiwaju for allowing the virtuous woman to represent her people. However, this is the kind of insults that will be the lot of the leaders when the spouse is trying to protect the interests of the leader- husband.

Those in opposition will not treat her like the wife of the leader; they would rather treat her as they would treat any of the senators/politicians who can use blow or even head-butt to settle scores at the hallowed chambers. By the way, this is not new to our legislators. We thank God that the altercation between Mr Melaye and Mrs Tinubu did not reach that ugly stage, for if it had, heaven would not have fallen. Our politics should have gone beyond this stage but where money or blind but fake allegiance to godfathers rather than virtues and sound moral pedigree determines our electoral contest, this is what we will continue to witness.

Most of our politicians at the helm of affairs are holding our democracy down because of their selfish interests which they want to foist on everybody. Equally, the majority of them lack democratic credentials and spirit of give and take without which democracy cannot flourish.  Instead, chaos will reign supreme as we are witnessing now. The effects are already staring us in the face with the leadership of the ruling party who collaborated to wrestle power from an inept leadership is now in a dirty fight; over what? Only God knows. How do we expect the nation to move forward in this type of situation?

Adewuyi Adegbite, 08066328387.


Fine and well-balanced opinion in your column of last Sunday. But why ask for an apology; is Remi Tinubu synonymous with the entire Nigerian women?

Yemi from Lagos, 08037117145.


The truth is that the two senators have desecrated the exalted office they occupy and should honourably ease themselves out.

Tayo Adedeji, 08033805313.


I must confess, if the way Nigerians are practising their democratic system of government is the way advanced countries like America, Britain and others are practising theirs, I would have said that those that established democracy were out of their minds. Fortunately, both Tinubu and Melaye have vindicated these pioneers of democracy through their exuberant performance.

I must say that the foolish attitude of both senators is empirical evidence that many of our lawmakers are not matured politically. It is pathetic and disheartening. There is a popular saying which goes thus, “show me your friends and I will tell you are.” Despite the fact that political gladiators like Melaye have not shown us their friends, we already know the person they are. This decadent show will surely continue in this country until we knock out the politics of power and money and install politics of integrity.

Taiwo Sangotikun, Iseyin, Oyo State. 08056309372.


Section 39 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended)  recognises every citizen’s  freedom  of  expression. But unambiguously, Proverbs Chapter 13, verse 3 provides thus – “He who guards his mouth preserves his life:  (but) he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.” Our lawmakers must adequately be exposed to history as a subject and given lessons on leadership before occupying the prestigious lawmaking seats. Anyone elected into the National Assembly is expected to always think before reacting to any provocative act. There, any  man  or  woman  in  position  of  authority must  be slow  on using the  tongue  and  quick  on using the eye.

Mr Kose Adewole,  a lawyer, Ipetumodu, 08034307460.


I really appreciate your unbiased posture on the Remi Tinubu-Dino Melaye imbroglio. The duo betrayed the confidence reposed in them as ‘distinguished’ Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Concerning those protesting the ‘injustice’ done to Senator Remi Tinubu, they are only doing what they were hired to do. They did not protest the unjust killing of late Mrs Eunice Olawale, who was murdered by suspected religious extremists and thousands of poor Nigerian women who are being treated unjustly on a daily basis.

Adejuwon Adebayo, Esa- Oke, 08176527477.


An adage says “it is only one slave that makes one tongue-lash two hundred slaves.” The ugly and embarrassing behaviour of the two senators will send a negative message to international bodies; and they are definitely not setting a good example for the future generation. Their behaviour is a total disgrace. Both of them should be sanctioned to serve as a lesson to others.

Lekan Oladeji, Ilora, 08053049443.