People get ‘toxic’ watching me perform —DJ Toxiq

Fast -rising Artiste, Oribhabor Ann Amen, better known as DJ Toxiq is a bundle of talents. The energetic lady who is a DJ, a musician and also a music producer tells JOAN OMIONAWELE about her growing up and her career among other things. Excerpts:


What was your growing up like?

Growing was fun. I am the first child of a family of eight. My father, mother, three sisters and two brothers.


As the first child of your parents, were there worries from your parents when you decided to pursue a career in music?

Yes, there were various concerns but I know that they had their fears and were looking out for me like most parents will, especially as I had to switch from becoming a medical doctor to further my career as a musician. In all, I really appreciate them


How has it been so far in the industry?

It has not been  easy at all. From producing a track to getting people to listen to it, to  promos and packaging, everything becomes an obstacle, but God is doing great things.


What projects have you been up to lately?

I am working on my self produced mixtape with a working title. I  have dropped 3 singles from the Ep, “Monster”, “Doe Black”and “Friends”  featuring Magjc City gang,  Elite Maxino, Frankie Free and I just signed a new management deal with Afriktainment media and together, we are unstoppable.


You are a producer and an artiste, why do you do both?

The first day I saw music being produced in front of me, I fell in love with it and I wanted to know more about it.  During the incubation period of learning and studying, I knew that there is no limit to what you set yourself to achieve.


Why did you choose the name DJ toxiq?

It started way back. I  used to break dance and it was intoxicating in a good way o(laughs) …so, I got the name Toxic- and  “Toxiq” being the excitement you get from watching me perform.


What’s the most valuable part of your body?

My eyes and  my brain


Asides music, what else do you do?

I  love to act and I have also been involved in few comedy short films. I also love to draw too.

I am an entrepreneur..


Do you sometimes wish there was anything you could change about yourself?

My big feet.

I love shoes but  my feet don’t


Who are your role models in the industry?

There are a few of them that I look up to . They are Sarz, Masterkraft , Olamide


With the stiff competition, how do you hope to penetrate the industry?

By being me and keeping it real everyday. It is less expensive and more fulfilling


Why did you choose to be a disk jockey?

I used to dj small gigs back then in Uniport. Then, one day,  during  one of my gigs,  a friend who was signed under reputable label  approached me to take it to Portharcourt town, that was  how I landed my first major gig.


Do you have tattoos and body piercings?

I don’t have  tattoos. I   just  have piercings in my ear


What’s your notion about the Nigerian entertainment industry?

Well, it is the fastest growing industry in Nigeria in my opinion, although there are few lapses but we are growing and  I appreciate growth.


It’s a general belief that Edo ladies are prostitutes, since you are from Edo State, what’s your take on this?

(Laughs) Have they added prostitution too ?I thought it was a general notion that we are known for witchcraft

They love the abroad life style especially with the  steady increase of the “italo”( Italy) population


What’s your opinion about people who bleach?

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Bleaching is bad, but toning is cooler and safer.