Ooni Sijuwade: Remembering a great king

THREE hundred and sixty five days ago, we had a sunset; 12 months ago, we had an  end of a  glorious  era;  however, despite this loss, we  had the prestigious beginning of  the biography and documentation of a successful  reign of royalty.

From childhood through  adulthood, Ooni Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse II  resonated  in  royalty.

When he  ascended his forefathers’  throne, Kabiyesi  re-invented royalty to culturally-perfected elegance,  which earned him respect  globally, not just as  the  custodian of the Yoruba  source of civilisation and  heritage, but also as one of Africa’s most revered monarchs.

Kabiyesi’s managerial  skills transcended business circles, as he was able to stand for the rights of his people, even in the face of adversity.

As he was in life as a  king so he has remained in his  heavenly sojourn. Today, he is like an idol personifying royalty and honour for  a proud Yoruba race.

As we remember our Ooni, it is important for every Yoruba son and daughter to appreciate his contribution to the respect the race now commands in the world.

  • Akinola Iwilade,

Iwo, Osun State.