Ondo: PDP chieftain joins party to urge INEC on postponement

AHEAD of the governorship poll holding in Ondo State on Saturday, a chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Amos Olayinka, has joined his party to call on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to postpone the election in order to allow the court sort out all the conflicts arising as to who should be the legally recognised PDP flag bearer in the exercise.

Chief Olayinka made the call on Wednesday in Lagos while addressing newsmen at his Maryland residence, even as he warned against repeat of the Ajasin/Omoboriowo saga, which resulted in bloodbath in old Ondo State during the 1983 General Election.

According to the PDP chieftain, the Ondo election should also be postponed on account that the PDP is a leading opposition party in the country, which on no account should be ignored, warning further that INEC should think twice and see reason.

“They (INEC) should postpone the election, they should postpone the election. You know, PDP is a leading opposition party in the country, when you look at it. Definitely, they should think twice and try to see reason, they should try and postpone it,” he said.

“If they don’t postpone the election, there might be crisis in Ondo State. Don’t forget about Omoboriowo saga. The same thing that happened between Omoboriowo and Ajasin might be happening in Ondo State, they should not forget history,” the PDP chieftain warned.

Olayinka, who did not say for how long the exercise should be shifted, said, “Let them sort out the court case first. Let them sort out the court process before any election takes place. They should do that first.”

Chief Olayinka, who denied that the call was being made perhaps due to lack of preparedness on the part of the party, said the PDP was prepared for the election, but pointed out that the party was being sabotaged by some people he refused to disclose their identities.

“It is not that the PDP is not prepared enough. The people sabotaging the PDP know themselves. They know what they are after, but I don’t know their gains. They know their interest, I don’t know their interest,” he said.

The PDP elder, however, assured that the PDP would bounce back and win the 2019 election, saying there was no time to sit on the fence any longer.