On NFF’s search for foreign coach

IT is so unfortunate that Frenchman, Mr Paul Le Guen, did not agree to the terms of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). One of the terms he rejected was the NFF’s insistence that he would reside in Nigeria during the duration of his contract. He only wanted to be coming into the country whenever the players had to be in camp. The NFF also wanted him to be discovering talents in the local league for the Super Eagles. The major reason I believe Mr Le Guen rejected the offer is because of the security situation in the country. For someone who had never visited Nigeria, listening to news about the country will instill fear in the mind. Global news organisations disseminate news about Nigeria as if there is war going on the country — from the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East, to the agitation for secession in the South East, to cultists’ clashes in the South South, the Fulani herdsmen’s atrocities, among others. I don’t blame Mr Le Guen because no one will be comfortable to live in the midst of all these security challenges; at least, while he was with the Cameroon Football Association, he lived in the country.

The Nigerian government shouldn’t see the decision of the coach not to accept the NFF’s offer as ‘one of those things,’ but it should work hard towards restoring security in the country. Innocent Nigerians are being killed on a daily basis for no just cause. Every Nigerian life should matter to government and everything must be done to protect it.


  • Fidelis Okoh,

[email protected]