National Troupe to stage The Dented Anthill

The National Troupe of Nigeria will on Sunday, September 4, 2016 at the Cinema Hall II of the National Theatre round up the 2016 edition of its annual Children’s Creative Station Workshop (CCSW) with a command performance of ‘The Dented Anthill.’

The play was created by the participants of the Creative workshop and directed by foremost dramatist and choreographer, Peter Badejo (OBE). The six-week long workshop kicked off on July 26th 2016 with about 120 children who were engaged creatively in the areas of acting, improvisation, miming, dancing, writing, voice training and singing.

Coordinator of the workshop and Head of the Drama department of the National Troupe of Nigeria, Ms. Josephine Igberaese disclosed that the workshop aims at developing children’s interest in creative activities.

Also Artistic Director of the National Troupe, Mr. Akin Adejuwon, stated that the workshop has since its inception in 2010, been targeted at children whose imagination and talents are reawakened, developed and appreciated.