NASS pledges support to reduce fuel importation

THE National Assembly has pledged to use legislative instruments to support the national bio-fuel policy which would enable the country to gradually reduce its dependence on imported fuel.

It said the move would equally reduce environmental pollution and assist in efficient management of the natural resources.

President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, speaking during the national dialogue on environment, noted that the National Assembly was determined to play its role in making laws that would help the country transit into a cleaner and greener economy.

He stressed that the current economic outlook called for extra-ordinary thinking and solution.

Represented by Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Saraki stated that there was sufficient data to show that the country couldf live in prosperity after oil.

“Our agricultural potentials, solid mineral deposits, service industry and entertainment industry all show how diversification is already deepening the foundations of our economy and potentially shielding our economy from oil price shocks,” he said.

Speaking also, the Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammad, said if the country`s challenges were not properly addressed now, they might further aggravate the present social crisis.

She noted that the challenges were giving the government great concern.