Modern tools improve crop, vegetable production — Dizengoff

Sustainable vegetable and crop production has been made  easier with the use of modern and affordable farm equipment,  kits and improved varieties of seeds and seedlings.

This was the explanation of Abdulmajeed Dabiri of  Dizengoff Nigeria during a demonstration exercise conducted  for corporate and individual farmers on the usage of  tractors; irrigation drips systems and greenhouses for  fruits and vegetable production in Ibadan,   recently.

Greenhouse kits, he said, could be used to produce exotic  tomatoes all-year round even in the bacteria wilt infested  areas of the Southwest Nigeria.

Dizengoff also demonstrated to farmers groups how tractors  are used for plowing, harrowing and ridging; explaining that  mechanisation of crop production was the only sustainable  way of increasing production, productivity, more profit and  a means of reducing poverty among farmers.

The drip irrigation system, he added, could be used to  produce annual crops, vegetables, and short-cycled crops in  the dry season, ensuring more profit.

Tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, maize, potatoes, groundnuts,  different vegetables and a host of other crops could be  planted between November and May with the use of some  irrigation kits.

In the southern part of the country where bacterial wilt is  rampant and responsible for poor performance of tomatoes,  greenhouses and their accompanying improved seeds are ways  of ensuring sustainable tomato production.

Dizengoff said sporadic scarcity of all types of pepper  could be eradicated with the massive use of greenhouses,  urging the corporate bodies, the government, farmers’ groups and individuals to explore opportunities in the  application of modern kits for profitable business in vegetable production.