Let’s tackle corruption like Ebola, Lassa fever

I can remember how the Nigerian government tackled the deadly Ebola virus and Lassa fever, and now, I am comparing Nigeria’s corruption situation with these two deadly diseases. However, if we can tackle corruption as we tackled Ebola and Lassa, then our country will develop.

We may not see corruption killing us physically like Ebola did, but the lack of quality health facilities, good roads, among others, which kill innocent people, can also be likened to the Ebola scourge.

Today, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s topmost priority is to combat corruption at all levels of government. To achieve this, I want to strongly advise Mr President that we should deal with corruption as we dealt with Ebola. Everyone was on guard to ensure we overcame the virus.

As a result, I hope the other organs of government, the legislative and judiciary, as well as all Nigerians, should tackle the issue of corruption once and for all.

All Nigerians should be whistle-blowers; we must all abhor corruption, and it is only when this happens that we can truly develop.


  • Tumini George,