She left without a word

Dear Yemisi,

I have been in love with a lady for some time now. But she has broken up with me without any notice. What can I do for her? I still love her.

Lover Boy.



Dear Lover Boy,

There can never be smoke without fire. All you need to do is to ask yourself some pertinent questions on how you have dealt with each other that could have prompted your lover’s decision to call it quits with you without any notice.

It could also have been that you were the only one in love and she played along as if she was in love with you till she felt she could no longer cope with your excesses.

All I have written are mere assumptions because I cannot understand why she could have called it quits with you. Have you asked why she decided to hurt your emotions?

It is not enough to just allow the sleeping dog lie without digging into the root of the matter so as to guide your handling of another relationship you will enter into later. Even if you would not be relating as lovers, it is better to bid each other bye on a very healthy slate.

Forcing your feelings on an unwilling lover is a mere waste of time because there is no amount of commitment put into the relationship,it will not work in the end. But if you discover along the line that she is willing to continue, please, ensure you take her out of her shells by telling you what informed her earlier decision to sever her interaction with you and never to do such again.

If all efforts to reconcile failed, let her be and brace up for a new start.