Kudos to NJC

I want to commend the Nigeria Judicial Council, under the leadership of Justice Mahmud Muhammed, for the efforts it is taking towards restoring credibility to the judiciary.

Recently, the NJC sacked some judges for bribe-taking, as well as for other anti-judiciary activities. I hope this action will serve as a lesson to other judges who are not clean in the discharge of their duties.

Judges should know that they are responsible to the Nigerian people by discharging their duties without any interference.

As it is popularly known, the judiciary is the hope of the common man, and when judges involve themselves in activities that make people doubt their judgment, then what hope is there for the common man who has no money to bribe the judge?

I hope the NJC will continue to sanction judges who involve themselves in activities that bring the judiciary to disrepute.


  • Jimoh Mumin,