IGP, revisit police promotion

DURING the short tenure of former Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase, he focused on approving the promotions of police officers who had stayed too long on a rank. It is, however, so unfortunate that there was little the former IGP could do in this area before he retired.

However, with the baton passed to the new police boss, Mr Ibrahim Idris, there is need for him to also look into the cases of these police officers who deserve to be promoted, particularly the traffic wardens.

It is so unfair that some policemen have spent over ten to 15 years on a rank without being promoted; many of these policemen are in the traffic department.

Consequently, I want to appeal to IGP Idris to look into the case of these policemen who have been denied their promotions for several years and make the necessary corrections.

  • Jimoh Mumin,