I have a unique charisma —Shontee

Bold, strong and talented are the words that can be used to describe fast-rising artiste, Cambi.H.Tarela, otherwise known as Shontee.

From all indications, she is ready to take her trade to the next level  having returned to Nigeria from Ghana a few years ago.

Shontee’s music career started from Ghana in 2013 but she moved back to Nigeria thereafter to bring her music close to her roots and establish herself as an artiste who believes her talent can pave way for her.

“The message is simple, I want to make my mark and put my songs on the lips of many people. Of course, I can’t do that in Ghana, because Nigeria is my home, so I had to come back home to face the music business and I am happy that things are already looking up for me,” she said.

With a number of hit tracks to her credit, Shontee said she has a unique charisma that can influence at first sight but that is not what she intends to preach with her songs. “I love to be me in whatever I do.

“I don’t want to sound like this person or that person. I am original. I am a trend setter and I am determined to always make my music relatable to my fans and the music industry at large,” she stated.

Speaking on how she has settled in after returning from Ghana, the singer said the journey has not been easy but God’s grace has kept  her afloat. “I won’t say the journey has been easy but God’s grace has made things easy for me. You know I was a student in Ghana and I had to round off with school. But we all know that when it comes to music in Africa, Nigeria is the number one country for that and let’s not forget I’m a Nigeran.”

Shontee has worked with a number of popular music producers in the country. from E-Kelly to Suka Sound and KM Tunez, but she wants more and she knows that the competition is rife.

“I am ambitious. With my knowledge in life, I have come to understand that competition is good. It pushes you to work harder. So, my strategy to remain swift is to use the competition to my advantage and work harder or my hardest. is the number 1 country when it comes to music in Africa,” said.