I can do anything as long as it is not stealing

Though Funmi Lawal has been in the movie industry for quite a while, she only features in movies she produced herself. In a chat with TAYO GESINDE, she speaks on how she has been combining her acting career with the home front.

What has been happening career-wise?

I have been doing well as much as possible. Though the industry is not doing so well,  life still goes on.


Coping with competition

Competition? As for me, I don’t see any because I’m not one to notice such.


Other things I do aside acting

I do a lot so far it is not stealing. I try to engage myself in any little way I can.


Pains and gains of being a celebrity

Honestly, one experiences both a lot.


Most embarrassing thing a fan did to me

I guess the day I decided to go out in a bus instead of driving and I sat in front of two passengers, who said see Funmi Lawal, she doesn’t even have a car. It was kind of funny.


Description of self

I’m always me. I don’t care what others are doing. I do whatever I’m comfortable with. I don’t lead a fake life. I try to be as natural as much as possible.


Philosophy of life

Life should be lived as simple as possible.


Most challenging role

I think that would be in my last movie, Detola Nubi, where I acted different roles. I acted the role of an old woman and a young lady who was also an armed robber.


How I handle advances from men

Getting advances from men is normal as far as you are okay in your own little way. So, it is not something you can run away from but I know how to manage myself in that area.


Combining acting with the home front

Let me make something clear I’m not a full-time actress; I only appear in the movies I produce, so acting doesn’t affect my home in any way whatsoever.


Definition of style

Style is simply what you are comfortable in.


Beauty regimen

Do I have one? I don’t think I do and I’m sure you will find that hard to believe.


Opinion on toning

I really can’t say much about that because it is something I did before but I don’t think I ever want to go back there.


Special treat

Pampering myself always involves my man and my daughter, because they mean the world to me. We spend quality time together in our own little way.


My view on provocative dressing

I don’t wear it and at the same time, I’m also not against people wearing it.


My likes and dislikes

I like people who are black and do not pretend that they are white. Some people appear to be white but they are actually black inside. In summary, I like sincerity a lot. I dislike people who come to social media just to say ‘ see me I’m living well.’


Assessment of Nollywood

It is getting better or simply put, it will get better.


On whether I have regrets

Yes and no. I don’t want to say much on that.